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                 Glory Sound (Asia) Ltd., a professional LCD panel and module manufacturer, was established in Hong Kong in 1993.  Since 2006, when our 10,000 sqm (with over 500  employees) modern manufacturing facility in Feng Gang, Dong Guan, PRC, was in full operation we were able to commit to a more comprehensive business model.  Glory Sound (Asia) is now equipped with a highly automated LCD manufacturing line capable to handle all aspects for TN, BTN/VA, HTN, STN, FSTN (with some off-line hole drilling, form shaping tools etc.), as well as module manufacture like COG, TAB and COB. We also supply medium-smaill size TFT color display modules from 1.20 inch to 10.1 inch for different applications such as cisplay modules for home appliance, industrial equipment,medical equipment and so on.  Alongside these are the touch panels and cover lens assembly processes.  These enable the individual yet fully integratable manufacture of LCD, LCM, Touch Panels, cover plate/lens from design to production according to customer preferences.......

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            Addr:Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China
            EMAIL: mkt03@glorysoundasia.com